Partnering with EA Principals will give you the Competitive Advantage. 

As a specialist training provider and active contributors to the Enterprise Architecture industry, when you partner with EA Principals you will receive genuine advantages other providers are simply unable to supply. 

Enterprise Architecture Subject Matter Experts

All our Enterprise Architecture classes are created and taught by industry experts with more than 15 years of practical experience. They use recent examples to cement learning outcomes and provide practical advice on how to implement your learnings in the real world. 

Individual Attention

We pride ourselves on having a high instructor to student ratio to ensure you receive as much individual attention as desired. Our instructors go above and beyond to ensure your learning experience is effective, efficient and enjoyable. 

Follow up and  Enterprise architecture Coaching Services

Our training sessions and workshops are followed up with coaching services using our EA Principals LinkedIn Group and our Cloud Training Portal (EA as a Service), which are exclusively dedicated to graduates of our courses.

Exam Guarantee Pass

We have a 99% first time pass rate for TOGAF® and ArchiMate® course participants. If you do not pass your exam the first time after taking our course, we will provide one additional exam voucher to you free of charge to ensure you obtain your certification.

Focus on Practical Application

All our Enterprise Architecture workshops and courses emphasize frequently asked questions, Enterprise Architecture best practices, and activities to ensure you receive the hands-on practice necessary to cement learning outcomes. Our aim is to empower you with the skills, information and confidence to apply your knowledge in the real-world. 

Personalized Learning

All courses and workshops offered by EA Principals are based on flexible learning modules that can be mixed-and-matched and can be customized to meet your team and project needs.

Exclusive Exam Preparation Book

EA Principals is the only accredited TOGAF training provider that has published extensive exam prep books for students who desire additional review.

Gold Members of The Open Group

We are Gold Members of the Open Group, current contributors to the Enterprise Architecture Industry and are fully accredited TOGAF®, TOGAF Essentials, ArchiMate®, and IT4IT™ training providers. Our CEO and Principal Trainer Steve Else is the co-author of the ArchiMate 3 Pocket Guide and we were co-sponsors of the IT4IT Architecture Reference Framework.

Budget Constraints

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients' needs and working within their budget constraints by providing services appropriate for their needs and within their budgets.

Exclusive Cloud Modeling Support

We have created the only online modeling tool in the world for ArchiMate, DoDAF, FEAF V.2, and TOGAF. All graduates of our certification courses in these areas are eligible to take our Advanced Applied courses that have the students work through one or several case studies, creating meaningful models and reports in an end-to-end and realistic way. This training portal is also available via tablets and mobile phones.

Quantifiable Return on Investment

When engaging in our consulting services we develop roadmaps in 30-day increments to help our clients track value on their EA investments. We illustrate through our EA as a Service that business value can be targeted and obtained in an expedited way for better, faster, more informed decisions. We can make our online and onsite services available for flexible time periods that serve as a low-risk way to see the EA value delivered in a forecasted way. We guarantee more rapid EA maturity through our services at a lower price than possible anywhere else globally.

Full Range of Services

As genuine leaders in the industry, we offer Training, Recruitment and Consulting services. Where required we can tailor all service to suit the needs of our client. Our aim is ensuring you and your organise exceed expectations and amplify your full potential. 


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