EA Principals is excited to announce our new referral program!


*Refer someone to one of our courses and you both receive a Visa Gift Card!



$100 Visa Gift Card Image

*When you refer someone to take one of our accredited public courses, both you and the person whom you refer will be eligible to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card for classes over $2000 or a $50 gift card for classes under $2000, sent via mail, upon meeting a few basic criteria: full payment at regular price for and successful completion of the course. Just be sure to have the person whom you refer enter your first name, last name, and contact details in the referral details box when they register, so we can mail them the gift card. The referral reward will be issued within 10 business days of having met all the criteria. If you have any questions, feel free to email info@eaprincipals.com or to call +1(703)333-6098.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I collect the Visa Gift Card on behalf of the person who referred me?

No, we need to make sure that the gift card goes directly to each respective party. If there is a special situation, please have the person who referred you or yourself reach out to us at +1(703)333-6098, info@eaprincipals.com, or Contact Us via our website.

  • What currency is the Visa Gift Card issued in?

The Visa Gift Card is issued in US (United States) dollars.

  • What does "public" courses mean? I saw that the referral program is only for public courses.

"Public" means that the course is offered to the general public. Additionally, we offer private courses and consulting. For special rates and pricing, please reach out to us at +1(703)333-6098, info@eaprincipals.com, or Contact Us via our website.

  • How much is the gift card for?

The gift card is $100 for classes priced over $2000. For classes under $2000, the gift card amount is $50.


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