EA Principals appreciates your visit to our Web site and thanks you for your interest in our company, training, and services. Your privacy is important to us, so we created a policy that explains how we collect, use, share, and store your information.

Collection of personal information: Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person. You may choose to provide us with your personal information for various purposes, such as downloading our whitepapers, posters, requesting information, processing orders, applying for a job, or conducting some other business with us. We may combine the personal information you communicate us with information relating to your use of our Web sites through the use of various technologies, including cookies.

Use of personal information - Here are the main examples of how we may use your personal information:

Fulfilling your request If you request something from us, such as a training program or service, a callback, download, or specific information, we use the information you provide to fulfill your request. To understand your specific requirement to answer them accurately. The personal information you provide EA Principals, as well as the information we can collect about you indirectly, may be used for marketing purposes, which may keep you informed about on EA Principal’s latest publications, corporate information, product and services announcements, upcoming events, or other types of information that may interest you. You may at any time choose not to receive marketing materials from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each email you may receive, by indicating so when we call you, or by contacting us directly.

Providing Support We may use your personal information to support products or services you have obtained from us, such as notifying you of our training programs or services. We will not sell your personal information or share it with any other third party. Each time you provide us with your personal information, you are notified about the reason, whether it is to download information, inquire about a product, register for a Webinar, or any other purpose. It is completely up to you whether you want to provide personal information.

Access to your personal information At any time, you are entitled to know whether we hold personal information about you and, if we do, to have access to it and be able to corrected it if it is inaccurate. Moreover, you are entitled to revoke your consent to our use of your personal information in the future, in whole or in part. Should you desire this, we will delete or store your data. You can do this by sending us an email. EA Principals will make every effort to ensure the protection of your personal information on our servers, and will respond to any suspected abuse that you report to us. If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, please contact us. EA Principals may update their privacy policy from time to time. When we update the policy, a notice will be posted on our web site.

Course Attendees: the identity of any EA Principals attendees is not disclosed to anyone other than the Certification Authority from the Open Group and a company that paid the course fee for an attendee, if applicable. Any information about Candidates’ examination results is also not disclosed to anyone other than the Certification Authority. For audit purposes, this data is stored on a secure cloud-based CRM system and when necessary shared via a secure cloud-based file sharing application which is administered by the Certification Authority at the Open Group. 


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