Benchmark Consulting is the proud creator of IRIS Business Architect, a browser-based software application to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future collaboratively successfully.... read more
Ardoq helps organizations and businesses implement and execute change across their projects, strategies, processes, applications, infrastructure, and capabilities. AI, NOP, graphs - all the best technologies that you are looking at - we are using them. We ... read more

BiZZdesign is a software company that provides an advanced platform for planning, tracking and executing business change. BiZZdesign provides EA Software tools such as Enterprise Studio which is a comprehensive suite of EA tools encompassing EA, BPM,... read more


As your competent partner for modeling business processes, software and databases, MID offers you tool solutions and consultancy expertise from a single source to implement your IT projects more quickly and efficiently. We want to open your... read more

NGE Solutions’ founder, Dr. Amjad Umar, is our partner in delivering working enterprise solution architectures to Next Generation Enterprises (NGEs), focusing on computer-aided consulting, IT planning, IS security, and wireless communications. NGE is... read more

EA Principals is proud to provide consulting that includes use of Parmenides Eidos™ software, an innovative approach to complex decision-making that enables strategic clarity by helping executives and experts define the key elements in... read more

At Shark Finesse we have created business case software to help you win budget and change the way you talk to customers about business value. It provides everything you need to create customer specific, ROI-based business cases for your solutions... read more

Signavio is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) software solution provider – helping organizations achieve operational excellence through collaborative design and powerful modeling capabilities. Delivered on premise or in the cloud, Signavio’s... read more

Sparx Systems specializes in high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. With customers in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering to finance, defense,... read more

Sternkopf Consulting specializes on "Agile Transformation", “Agile Leadership” and "Agile Coaching", as they have successfully introduced and accompanied proven successful Agile Transformations in the digital context in wide-... read more

The Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (EAPJ) publishes articles, white papers, and other thought pieces that are of interest to the Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology, Business Strategy, and Organizational Transformation communities. Another... read more


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