After over a decade of development, the Archi open source modeling toolkit for the ArchiMate language has evolved from a basic standalone tool to support modeling automation, data exchange with other enterprise management tools, and collaboration among multiple modelers.  Archi has also kept pace
About 25 years ago I had the chance to play a leading role in planning the transformation of the U.S. Air Force’s overall business model. The key questions the whole Department of Defense was asked to answer in the 1995-1997 time frame were rather military personnel should be in certain roles or
I recently had an experience with a CIO organization considering how to begin doing some Enterprise Architecture. First of all, they expressed they did not want to first establish an EA practice, but wanted to do something more practical, like going ahead and selecting an EA tool.
The traditional thinking regarding the introduction and rollout of an EA practice is to hire an outside firm to...



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