Based on my research and experience, the following two lists contain some of the latest drivers and trends, respectively, in EA Training and Consulting. I will address some of these in future articles of this newsletter. In the meantime, please take my related polls at
Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when you order something online or use a credit card in a bricks-and-mortar establishment? This monthly series uses the ArchiMate language to explore the global payments industry that touches all of us. Today, we use the ArchiMate Business layer to explore
One of the essential roles of a Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA) is Stakeholder Management. Without a definitive CEA role, the responsibility for Stakeholder Management becomes muddied among the architecture team.
The book I wrote in 2019, The Customer-Centric Architecture: Pathway to High Value Enterprise Architecture, takes a blended approach between inside-out and outside-in planning and engagement to tackle large complex transformations in an urgent and fused way.



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