Overview: Developing countries require a wide range of digital solutions that need to be customized for different geographical locations with different capabilities and need to be produced quickly and at massive scales under different government policies and industry guidelines. It is virtually
Architects involved in organisational redesign or compliance challenges face various complex legislation or internal policies developed from the perspective of a particular stakeholder. How can they come up with associated EA recommendations without adding even more complexity? Jeanne Ross from
Abstraction, in which general rules and concepts are derived from the usage and classification of specific examples, is a fundamental skill for enterprise architects.  Here, I begin with an analysis of EA responsibilities and thought processes, and then show the importance of abstraction in all of
Applying “Enterprise Architecture” (EA) can be done at many levels, both wider and smaller than a traditional EA practice seen in very large organizations. For example, EA at the “enterprise” level, to be optimized, must also consider relations and systems with organizations outside the enterprise



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