Considering dramatic geopolitical and economic factors in the world today, there is a need for more skilled Enterprise Architects to help on several fronts. For example, the race for digital in enterprise transformations requires a wide array of new business and technology skills. Strategy
You can now get certified as a customer-driven Agile Business Architect by attending one of our EA Principals Industry-Based Courses. It focuses in detail on this article published by the Open Group entitled "Providing Customer-Driven Value With a TOGAF® based Enterprise Architecture".   The
Successful EA programs are rare and for one not-so-obvious reason: the outcome metrics are seldom defined or, if defined, hard to measure accurately. Also, one needs to factor in such things as whether the EA practice is new or has been around for at least a few years. Regardless, there is no
Delivering agile business architecture is becoming an essential skill for digital transformation, which is one of the greatest business challenges of our time. Delivering it successfully requires a level of agility that traditional enterprise architecture struggles to cope with. Planning and



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