Applying “Enterprise Architecture” (EA) can be done at many levels, both wider and smaller than a traditional EA practice seen in very large organizations. For example, EA at the “enterprise” level, to be optimized, must also consider relations and systems with organizations outside the enterprise
The Agile concept of software development has been in use now for many years. Many enterprises faced with digitalization and acceleration in product development are also facing the shortening of time to market. Therefore, they are seeking to use a similar Agile paradigm beyond just at the team
In my years working with EA Principals CEO and Chief Architect, Dr. Steve Else, I have been most impressed by his intense customer focus.   Even when the customer asks only for a standard training, Steve strives to understand what the customer’s EA team needs to deliver greater value. He asks me
At Gartner’s recent Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference, the theme of the kickoff keynote was: “Accelerating Your Growth in a New Era of Transformation.” Aligned with an earlier theme of continuous transformation at a fairly recent Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo of continuous transformation,



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