Can any framework pretend to be a Silver Bullet for complex change or do we need architects that can apply even the most well-thought-out framework “a la carte” judiciously? Well, we are approaching the end of 2022 and after viewing the new Avatar movie,--this sequel still sharing the message that
Whereas the TOGAF 9 Certification will never expire, there will be increasing expectations for those in the know to see success with the latest version called TOGAF Enterprise Architecture – this name will also look better on a CV.   The Bridge Exam is very reasonable, with only 10 closed-book
EA Principals has started offering TOGAF-Based Agile Business Architecture Courses for several industries in April of this year. It has been a big success, especially our private corporate courses. Here are some of the comments that we’ve gathered so far.   There are several advantages to providing
Many organizations without an effective enterprise architecture program are missing something even more fundamental:  full, and fully useful, knowledge of their application portfolios.  Therefore, transformation efforts as well as incremental improvements often founder when they run into



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