One of the essential roles of a Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA) is Stakeholder Management. Without a definitive CEA role, the responsibility for Stakeholder Management becomes muddied among the architecture team.
The book I wrote in 2019, The Customer-Centric Architecture: Pathway to High Value Enterprise Architecture, takes a blended approach between inside-out and outside-in planning and engagement to tackle large complex transformations in an urgent and fused way.
The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (Sparx EA) tool is a highly developed software with many functions supporting the practice of Enterprise, Systems, and Solution Architecture. Unfortunately, along with this multitude of functions, it is very  difficult to use some of them. Fortunately, though
Like many ArchiMate modelers, I got my start with the Archi free and open-source tool, which I have been enjoying for many years.  It is ideal for learning ArchiMate and fully exploiting its capabilities.  Furthermore, with its innovative core features and plug-ins, Archi can be used for



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