Organizations, such as manufacturers, energy producers, and transportation companies, that operate complex and extensive physical (rather than information technology) systems that are core to their business, often use different engineering disciplines to guide and align investments in different
One way I explain the essence of EA value, when pressed to do so, is that it can provide for better-informed decisions faster. Of course, for this to occur, the effective scoping of an EA initiative is critical to clarify what decisions need to be made about what transformative journey. With those
A lot of enterprises have engaged in the implementation and use of various agile methods. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) seems to be on the rise as a framework of choice for taking agile software development thinking to the larger context of overall business transformation at different levels
After over a decade of development, the Archi open source modeling toolkit for the ArchiMate language has evolved from a basic standalone tool to support modeling automation, data exchange with other enterprise management tools, and collaboration among multiple modelers.  Archi has also kept pace



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