I have seen innumerable organizations struggling regarding their selection of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool. There are many tools that include the essential capabilities of helping an EA team do impact and what-if analyses through the use of an associated or included EA repository.
A few years ago, the theme at the Gartner ITxpo was “The Power of And”. Alain De Preter’s Labnaf framework and visualization product is an awesome example of applying that theme because it enables the end-to-end planning of and communication regarding digital transformations. Labnaf is unified
The ArchiMate language for enterprise architecture (EA), and EA in general, is more often associated with information technology (IT) architecture rather than architecture for operational technology (OT).  However, the Physical elements added in the Technology Layer enable versatile OT modeling.
The Open Group announced the launch of the TOGAF® Standard, 10 Edition at the end of April 2022. Many organizations are eager to learn more about “TOGAF® 10” since it is the first major upgrade to TOGAF® since 2009. A lot has happened in the past dozen years from societal, business, and technical



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