Knowing how and where to start a business transformation process can be quite daunting. To better understand the context and drivers to start their transformation process, the following questions are very typical: How are external forces – social, regulatory, macroeconomic, etc. – shaping my
The traditional thinking regarding the introduction and rollout of an EA practice is to hire an outside firm to first conduct an Executive Workshop to get leadership on board, followed by conducting intense, highly compressed training in key EA standards, such as TOGAF, DODAF, or FEAF over a
Fortunately, enterprise architecture (“EA”) is not always only about enterprise and IT documentation anymore. Enterprise architects are trying more and more to be involved with the digital transformation of their organization. Yet, their digital transformation endeavors are still too often planned
At a Gartner ITxpo/Symposium a few years ago, the top analyst for Enterprise Architecture told the audience of CIOs that they should not spend more than 30 minutes thinking about Architecture Frameworks. After all, they would ultimately need their own customized approach for it to succeed in their



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