Enterprise architecture begins with asking questions like “Why does the enterprise need to change?”, “What must change?” and “How should the enterprise make the required changes?”. The TOGAF standard and the ArchiMate language provide well-established methods for collaboratively answering these
The enterprise architecture (EA) landscape is constantly evolving, driven by new technologies and business demands. In recent years, two of the most pressing drivers for EA have been cloud migrations and AI initiatives. Cloud migrations are a major undertaking for any organization, and they
The latest version of the TOGAF Standard, Version 10, is the source document for the TOGAF Enterprise Architect certification. Upfront: You should make it a priority to get this certification for yourself and your team.   This is not intended to be a sales pitch, but if you are TOGAF 9 Certified,
Here are a few questions you can ask while interacting with chatGPT. I am curious about your comments regarding how you see the value of this AI platform in your work as an architect (whatever the hat you wear, so EA or SA). I have already asked all these questions and the answers are very



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