The TOGAF Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF EA) certification is a valuable milestone for Enterprise Architects seeking to advance their knowledge and careers. It equips architects with in-depth subject matter expertise and a valuable skillset to meet the needs of organizations in a rapidly changing
The old state of EA, as assessed in 2022 by Forrester and in 2023 by Sparx, has been disrupted by “the elephant in the room,” ChatGPT. Sparx’s more recent poll, done this year, took place before the influx in activity around ChatGPT and last week’s AI-focused announcements by Microsoft at its
I recently participated in three Gartner conferences where the possible disruption, in my opinion, to their business model from Generative Artificial Intelligence was only barely peeking in. It will soon inevitably revolutionize the business of providing research findings on the rapidly changing
"Putting People First" is a guiding principle of the World Bank's GovTech program. It clarifies that technology will not be used as an end but to serve people and improve their lives. However, the requirements are complex and high. Public governance has a fundamental role in the change underway.



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