Many EA programs are actually IT management ones, especially if there is not a Business Architect on the EA team. Even if there is a Business Analyst, too often, there are no senior business representatives in the EA governance and operational roles. In many cases where there is the “equivalent”
We “TOGAFIANS” – those certified in or practicing TOGAF 9 without yet being certified in it – are at a crossroads as TOGAF 10 is being incrementally rolled out starting in about October 2022. I have a strong recommendation for such TOGAF enthusiasts – hang in there on TOGAF 9 until the end of 2022
One of the key techniques described in TOGAF’s Architecture Development Method (ADM} is the Gap Analysis. TOGAF’s key argument for using this technique is to ensure, in the designing of a target architecture, that we take note of where we could be omitting some building blocks by accident or
This installment uses the ArchiMate Language Motivation aspect, Strategy layer and Business layer to explore a standards body that is central to the integrity of the payment card industry (PCI), and the data security standard that it manages. If you’ve missed Part One, which explores key PCI roles



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