The Vanguard EA course is a hands-on “applied” training course specifically designed for TOGAF® practitioners to ensure they receive the most innovative and productive training in the industry. The Vanguard EA course builds upon the knowledge and experiences gained within the TOGAF® Level 1 and Level 2 Certification courses by providing student architects the environment to build a standards-based enterprise architecture using TOGAF®. Vanguard EA course uses the challenges of a real-word case study as the background for applying the TOGAF® ADM development cycles, guidelines, and techniques to establish the viewpoints, views, and deliverables that showcase and communicate the value of EA. As students build their enterprise architectures, they are applying proven methodologies for the development, modeling, analysis and reporting of the four architecture domains (Business, Data, Application, and Technology). Vanguard EA course incorporates hands-on modeling of the TOGAF® artifacts (Catalogs, Matrices, and Diagrams) associated with each phase of the TOGAF® ADM. Each hands-on exercise is tied to an EA repository for the storage, management, and visualization of the artifacts and deliverables developed in support of the Enterprise Architecture.


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