Course Overview: The Vanguard EA (Advanced Applied FEA) course is a hands-on “applied” training course specifically designed to ensure student architects receive the most innovative and productive training in the industry.  The Vanguard EA (Advanced Applied FEA) course builds upon the concepts and principles learned within the FEA Foundation course by providing Student Architects the challenge of building and developing architectures based on real-world scenarios and using proven EA methodologies.

Within the Vanguard EA (Advanced Applied FEA) course, student architects are responsible for applying the methods and techniques for “Architecting” a real-word case study incorporating the techniques and best practices learned throughout the course learning modules.  The advanced case study provides the backdrop for hands-on architecture development and modeling using EA Principals Cloud-EA suite of EA web-based applications.

The real-world scenarios and applied methodologies of the Vanguard EA (Advanced Applied FEA) course ensure student architects are proficient in the development of architectures in support of Federal Government EA operations. In addition, the Vanguard EA (Advanced Applied FEA) course provides student architects the experience of conducting detailed architecture management, analysis and reporting.   Utilizing the data and architectural models developed throughout the course, students showcase their work via EA reports and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by answering key EA and business questions.  Each of the course hands-on exercises are tied to an EA repository for the storage, management, and visualization of the architectures and models developed. Intended Audience: • Enterprise Architects • Business Architects • IT Architects • Information Architects • Technology Architects • Application Architects • System Integrators • Solution Architects • Data Architects • Infrastructure Architects • Security Architects • Technology Vendors This course would also benefit strategic planning teams, application portfolio managers, IT strategists, senior business analysts, Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and others responsible for organizational management/development/improvement/transformation. Prerequisites: FEA Foundation


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