Enterprise and Solution Architecture (E&SA) Avancier Certification Option delivers a powerful method to learn the tools and gain the skills of a modern Solution Architect. This class prepares for Avancier Certification. Course Description This course includes presentations, discussions, class exercises, and case studies. It covers a broad sweep of architecture terms and concepts found in architecture frameworks such as TOGAF® and Zachman™. The course concentrates on the tools and methods of the modern Solution Architect including the ArchiMate® modeling language. Students will use industry-accepted methods to analyze and describe enterprise and solution architectures, from business goals to technological building blocks. This course includes vendor and technology-independent topics on solution architecture techniques and products, application integration patterns, design for qualities (non-functional requirements), and real world case study work. Topics include:

  • Context: Principles, Scoping, Stakeholders, Goals, Requirements, ATAM
  • Methodology: Architecture Processes, Vocabulary, Archimate® Concepts and representations
  • Business Domain: Business Domain Artifacts, Functions, Capabilities, Scenario Driven Design
  • Data Domain: Data Domain Artifacts, Data at Rest, Data in Motion, Data Quality and Interoperability
  • Software Domain: Software Domain Artifacts, Modularity and Decoupling, Design Patterns, Interoperability and Communication types
  • Application Domain: Artifacts, Services, Use Cases, Architecture, Integration Patterns
  • Design for Qualities: Performance, Availability, Recoverability, Integrity, Security, Technology Domain Artifacts, Solution Technology Definitions
  • Migration Planning: Migration Path, Business Cases, The Agile Mindset

Target Audience: Everybody interested in the terms, concepts and practice of architecture; especially people wanting to act in an architect role, and their stakeholders. It is recommended that attendees have seven years’ experience of IS/IT work including contact with architects and architecture descriptions.

Approach: The course is intensive. It includes presentations, discussions, class exercises and Avancier exam preparation and Avancier exam sessions.


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