Individuals and EA practices with training and certification often require additional guidance to actually apply EA to their unique situation or industry. Learning to successfully apply EA is the most significant way to leverage an investment into training and certification, yet most organizations stop at certification alone. EA Principals has unique industry expertise and is able to offer applied EA courses tailored to specific industries. These courses not only prepare individuals and EA practices for certification, each course uses industry specific case studies, exercises, and examples to illustrate how individuals and teams can apply their EA knowledge to their specific situation. These specialized, applied, EA classes are 5 days in duration, 9am – 4pm, and are delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on way. Each private class is offered for a flat rate which includes one free day of consulting, performed remotely.
Value Propositions:

• Successfully apply EA knowledge for Agile Transformation
• Agile Transformation specific case studies, exercises, and examples
• Highly interactive, private, hands-on learning
• One free day of follow-up consulting


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