EA Principals’ Decision Architecture Program is comprehensive and designed to be practical and for immediate use at work. This course covers the tough problem of aligning the best decision-making techniques to the problem at hand and the resources available. The course material not only helps comply with government acquisition decision standards (Analysis of Alternatives and Alternatives Analysis), it includes the tools to identify and model business rules for often repeated situations; and craft successful decision making processes for those unique and critical situations when information is uncertain, incomplete, evolving and inconsistent. It helps guide in choosing what to do next to make a robust decision within the given resources. It incorporates risk, uncertainty, and stakeholder concerns into business, application and technical decisions. The training is facilitated by one of our practitioner consultants who have extensive experience in and knowledge of the essential techniques and methods, along with numerous real world examples to share.

The Challenge: About one half of all business decisions fail. Two years later there is no evidence of half of all business decisions ever being made. All resources used to make and implement them were wasted! These failures are caused by many factors. For one, the GAO found that not considering sufficient alternatives and their associated risks while making acquisition decisions tripled the odds of moderate to high cost and schedule growth. These growths often led to program reformulation or cancelation – wasted resources. Further, year after year the Standish Group estimates that less than one half of all IT projects are delivered on time, within budget and with required features. In 2013, only 39% were successful - this is based on self-reported data! Standish estimates that 1.5 decisions are made for every $1,000 in labor costs. It is the accumulation of these decisions that lead to project failure. Most organizations don’t think much about their decision making process. This course is aimed directly at raising this awareness and providing tools to overcome the challenge.

Learning Objectives: • How to recognize the key decision points in a project • How to choose the best methods and tools for making a decision at these points • How to manage risk and uncertainty during the decision making process • How to enfranchise stakeholders in the process and the result • How to identify what to do next to reach a decision • How to perform an AoA study • How to build an AOA study report • How to get real ROI from AoA efforts • How to manage risk and uncertainty during AoA study

Course materials: This course includes a single seat license for the Decision Dashboard. The Decision Dashboard is an Excel add-in that supports you making decisions with uncertain information. Its use is covered in the course, but the methods do not rely on it. Additional licenses are available through EA Principals.

Course Duration & Format: This course is three days of interaction. It is designed to introduce the breadth and depth of this evolving field in practical ways, and take the learner through a series of modules to build the skills necessary for making robust decisions. It includes theoretical presentation, case studies, references, tools and exercises to make the learning fun and to increase the maximum utility to the students and their organizations. 

Public Courses: Discounts may apply for early bird registrations. Group discounts and government discounts are also available. Please contact us for further details.

Private Courses: We also provide in-house training at customer sites. A minimum of 6 students is required for conducting the private training at the client location. This is a cost-effective solution whether a small or large, even extended, team needs to be trained. Contact us at eapadvisor@eaprincipals.com or training@eaprincipals.com for a discounted quote for such private, customizable training.

Training Dates: All our training programs are available for customized private sessions. You can request a quote online or send us an email at info@eaprincipals.com or training@eaprincipals.com. You can also reach us at 703-333-0698 or 678-882-5713.


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