With decades of expertise in delivering enterprise architecture through training and consulting to organizations, EA Principals is in a position to deliver a business architecture solution that enables and enhances a wide range of business-driven goals and initiatives. EA Principals’ Business Transformation Architecture Certification Program is comprehensive and designed to be practical and for immediate use at work. This course is created by a team of expert practitioners of business architecture with decades of combined experience.

This course focuses on giving students an understanding of most of the methods and techniques required for developing & succeeding in the business architecture domain. The training is facilitated by one of our practitioner consultants who have extensive experience in and knowledge of the essential techniques and methods, along with numerous real world examples to share.

Key Outcomes

• Increase knowledge and techniques used in the discipline
• Improve professional skills needed to perform in this role
• Enhance network and connections with professional colleagues
• Enhance career advancement prospects through the knowledge and certification gained
• Contribute to resolution of issues currently facing your organization

The Challenge

Organizations across the globe are facing complex business challenges that consume executives’ time on a daily basis. The underlying factors driving up costs and driving down revenues can be hard to identify and harder to fix. There is a lack of visibility into the root cause of a wide variety of business issues. Common challenges that businesses face on a recurring basis include:

• How to assess and streamline investments in high profile, multi-year project initiatives?
• How to increase customer contacts and assistance by streamlining customer information?
• How to consolidate post-merger/acquisition business units and product lines?
• How to conform to government and industry compliance and audit requirements?
• How to align business and IT strategies into robust, deployable solutions?

Learning Objectives

• How to design business models to support strategy?
• How to use tools such as capability-based planning to develop a business operating model?
• How to analyze business models and provide insights for stakeholders?
• How to begin to plan for transitioning to new or enhanced capability?
• How business architecture helps program and project managers be more successful?
• Understand the respective roles of the business analyst and the business architect?

Specifically, participants will be able to:

• Understand the role of business architecture in the broader enterprise architecture discipline
• Understand the highlights of some leading enterprise architecture frameworks and their value to the business architecture discipline
• Articulate a problem definition concisely and completely
• Explain the business architecture value proposition and how business architecture relates to other disciplines, organization structures, and career paths
• Understand the different views to describe a business, how to decompose the problem space into a more formal structure, and where influencers and drivers impact motivation
• Develop a “means-to-end” chain and a business motivation model • Use a business model canvas to identify key activities and resources to support the business strategy
• Use a strategy game board to identify on which capabilities to focus • Build a capability anchor model • Analyze the gap between current maturity and target maturity requirements
• Re-prioritize where to invest your capital across your project portfolio • Explain how to apply stakeholder management techniques • Consolidate your architecture into a single, summarized roadmap view
• Build combined views to represent a variety of different stakeholder concerns

Course Duration & Format

This course is designed to introduce the breadth and depth of this evolving field in practical ways, and take the learner through a series of modules to build the skills necessary for working as a business architect. It includes theoretical presentation, case studies, references and exercises to make the learning fun and to increase the maximum utility to the students and their organizations.

Public Courses

Discounts may apply for early bird registrations. Group discounts and government discounts are also available. Please contact us for further details.

Private Courses

We also provide in-house training at customer sites. A minimum of 6 students is required for conducting the private training at the client location. This is a cost-effective solution whether a small or large, even extended, team needs to be trained. Contact us at eapadvisor@eaprincipals.com or training@eaprincipals.com for a discounted quote for such private, customizable training.

Training Dates

All our training programs are available for customized private sessions. You can request a quote online or send us an email at info@eaprincipals.com or training@eaprincipals.com. You can also reach us at 703-333-0698 or 678-882-5713.


Course Schedule

Course Info / Register Start Datesort descending Location Time Zone Confirmed Price
Business Transformation Architecture Nov 15, 2021 to Nov 19, 2021
  • Live Online
ET No $2,995.00 REGISTER
Business Transformation Architecture Feb 28, 2022 to Mar 04, 2022
  • Live Online
ET No $2,995.00 REGISTER


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