You may be asking yourself, what is TOGAF? Why is it so important? And aren’t there other frameworks out there that work just as well if not better? 
In this short article, we take a look at what is TOGAF and identify a few other points surround the architecture framework.
What is TOGAF?
TOGAF is the acronym for The Open Group Architecture Framework and is an enterprise architecture methodology that offers a high-level framework for enterprise architecture development. 
A TOGAF Overview
A TOGAF overview is that it is a high level approach to design. It is typically modeled at four levels: Business, Application, Data, and Technology. It relies heavily on modularization, standardization, and already existing, proven technologies and products. TOGAF helps a business organize the development process through a systematic approach which is aimed at reducing errors, maintaining timelines, staying on budget and aligning IT with business units to produce quality results.
TOGAF VS Zachman
There are no shortage of articles outlining the TOGAF vs Zachman debate. The Zachman Framework is an enterprise architecture framework which provides a formal and highly structured way of viewing and defining an enterprise. The Zachman framework is focused on identifying the different viewpoints that might be relevant for different purposes while TOGAF is focused on the process of developing architectures. The Zachman Framework provides a simple overview of the different architecture viewpoints and what questions they answer while TOGAF gives a detailed process approach on how to develop enterprise architecture (and produce the viewpoints).
Accredited sources of information
With many TOGAF Wiki articles being published, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of TOGAF introductions & interpretations available. When seeking out accurate information on TOGAF, a good place to start is with accredited course providers like EA Principals. The benefit of accredited training providers is that we are subject to an assessment of the course, personnel and organization, so you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality of training. The EA Principal TOGAF training course is fully accredited by The Open Group, and all of our instructors are TOGAF qualified and have extensive experience as an industry practitioner.


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