What is FEAF?
FEAF is the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework. The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) is an EA framework developed by the Federal Government of the United States. FEAF provides both a methodological approach for an EA practice, as well as a comprehensive taxonomy for it. Its purpose is to promote higher levels of mission effectiveness as well as a means of ensuring a high degree of integration between different federal agencies.
Is FEAF only suitable for Federal Agencies?
FEAF is primarily for federal agencies as it provides a common framework and management tools that federal agencies may use to guide their policy and increase the number of shared approaches to IT service delivery. This standardization of EA development and practices among federal agencies promotes greater effectiveness in reaching desired goals.
FEAF Training Course:
Learn how FEAF can help your federal agencies improve inter-agency communication and reduce cost with the EA Principals FEAF V2: Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification - Foundation training course. In this course EA Principals has taken the EA training environment and made it actionable instead of having students endure reviewing stacks of PowerPoint slides for five days. The applied nature of the course is also an accelerator for EA teams, showing them that it is possible to ramp up quickly and provide output that is immediately relevant to their transformation jobs and responsibilities. 
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