What is DODAF?
DoDAF is the Department of Defense Architecture Framework. DoDAF is a key enabling methodology for organizing and sharing large complex system architectures for distributed Systems-of-Systems. 
Is DODAF only suitable for the Department of Defense? 
Although DoDAF is primarily focused on defense applications and was initially created for the US Government Department of Defense, it can also be applied successfully to commercial systems. The framework is ideal for any commercial or private sector application, International organizations as well as Federal agencies. DoDAF is used as the base Framework and Methodology in this highly sought-after certification, based on practice (not just test prep) in real-life Enterprise Architecture.
DODAF 2.0 Training Course:
EA Principals were one of the initial two DODAF training providers worldwide. Our instructor-led DoDAF training course covers interactive discussion and hands-on practice across all the key topics related to DoDAF.
Our 5 day DODAF 2.0 training course provides students with the comprehensive methodology to create operational, technical, and systems architecture views and products consistent with the DoDAF and DoD procurement and acquisition guidelines. Students will apply DoDAF compliance concepts, models and principles to design their own compliant system.
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