The ArchiMate Specification, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture modeling. The ArchiMate language enables Enterprise Architects to analyze, describe and visualize the relationships among architecture domains in an unambiguous way. In this article we provide a brief overview of the ArchiMate 3.0 Specification which is an update to the ArchiMate 2 Specification.
What’s new in ArchiMate 3?
The evolution from ArchiMate 2 to ArchiMate 3 continues to improve collaboration across multiple functions including strategists and business executives, enterprise and business architects, portfolio and project managers, information and applications architects, technology stakeholders and solutions architects.  
New features included in ArchiMate 3.0 include:
  • Elements for modeling the enterprise at a strategic level, such as capability, resource, and outcome. 
  • Support to model the physical world of materials and equipment
  • The consistency and structure of the language have been improved
  • Definitions have been aligned with other standards
  • Its usability has been enhanced in various other ways
The ArchiMate Specification is unique in that it provides a graphical language for representing enterprise architectures over time, including strategy, transformation and migration planning, as well as the motivation and rationale for the architecture. The standard has been designed to be as compact as possible, yet still usable for most enterprise architecture modeling needs.
Want to know more about ArchiMate? 
Completing the EA Principals ArchiMate training course leads to a thorough knowledge of the terminology, structure and concepts of the ArchiMate 3.0.1 Specification, and places you in a position to succeed at the ArchiMate 3 exam and become an ArchiMate certified professional.
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