Time to Re-think Enterprise Architecture!

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) is really a fascinating topic and there are myriad "war stories" that could be compiled to make a great book, mostly of failed implementations, but also about the overall resiliency of EA. Many global companies are trying again with EA after having tried before with less than satisfactory results. As one researcher/presenter at a Gartner ITxpo once said when mentioning EA to a crowd with thousands of CIOs: "I know many of you are reluctant to embrace EA because there are so many ways to do it badly!" 
I would like to suggest a couple of new paths to do EA correctly and I will be doing a Webinar expanding on these and other suggestions.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Wednesday 17th of April 2019
  • Time: 2pm - 3pm EDT
  • Cost: Free
  • A limited number of tickets available.
First of all, I think we need to understand that EA can also embrace architecture/design for all verticals and "enterprises". It doesn't have to be a niche, "Enterprise Wide and IT Only" type of discipline. 
People may push back saying we would be infringing on the area of licensed architects, but that doesn't have to be the case since EAs would at best be "certified", not licensed professionally, at least not in the next few decades! In short, a licensed building architect could also be a Certified EA and would probably benefit from the knowledge base that will be ever expanding with  EA meaning overall architecture.
Secondly, I think EA will more likely succeed if we start to roll it out as a product with defined capabilities and attributes, rather than as a program, especially a program that one is suggesting would last forever! For example, think about what a Minimum Viable EA Product would be and what it would take to achieve it in various scenarios. Then explore what enhancements would be appropriate and what it would take to include those. Then plan accordingly. For starters, EA would be expected to help with cross functional and cross domain collaboration, but in carefully scoped areas as "Product Demos" or "Proofs of Concept". What expectations of value added should there be? For starters, consider more clarity and better decision making based on alignment of investments to strategy, interoperability balanced with innovation, impact and what if analyses.
I'm certain these suggestions will not be welcomed by most, but I'm convinced it is time to re-think EA. Please join our Webinar for more information and to discuss these and similar idea with me.
Written by Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructor


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