Although the fidelity is not high, the view shared by U.S. Army 4-Star General Gus Perna at the 19 November 2020 COVID-19 Task Force is a good example of a DODAF OV-1 view, a very popular one in the DODAF Framework. 
EA Principals's hands-on DODAF 2.02 certification course is specifically designed to ensure attendees receive the most innovative and productive training in the industry. This training course goes beyond simply developing DoDAF Viewpoints. Our training includes both the theory and a set of exercises and activities to show practical application of the framework. We teach attendees to rapidly develop DoDAF compliant Viewpoints utilizing concepts and methodologies through the use of real-world architecture development scenarios.  DODAF is not just being used by the Department of Defense. It can be adopted by every organization in different industries.
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