EA Principals has started offering TOGAF-Based Agile Business Architecture Courses for several industries in April of this year. It has been a big success, especially our private corporate courses. Here are some of the comments that we’ve gathered so far.
There are several advantages to providing this course to your architecture team in a private setting either on-premises or online, as shown here:
  1. The course can be customized to your specific organizational needs,
  2. This course will increase the cohesion within your architecture team and within the planning ecosystem of your entire organization,
  3. The architecture concepts shown in this course are meant to make your practice and your organization more client-driven,
  4. This course will allow you to increase the success rate of your digital transformation projects,
  5. Concrete examples relate to your industry,
  6. We ask survey questions that allow you to examine the perception of your architects about your practice and allows you to pinpoint the elements of your practice that could be improved, and
  7. This course is video recorded for later viewing.
Our expert instructors Daniel Lambert and Steve Else are looking forward to seeing you in one of our classes this year or in 2023.


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