In the context of today’s work environments time and money are tight. In IT management and Enterprise Architecture roles, advanced training is now essential. Certification can often qualify valued employees for more critical roles within an organization. Organizations enjoy positive outcomes from professional training and often budget to the development of their people. Although budgets exist, it is sometimes very difficult for organizations to find the time to train their teams. There is difficulty finding both the time and money to get people trained.

Enterprise Architecture training provider EA Principals has responded by using concepts from the world of higher education. For some topics and certifications, EA Principals can deliver the full content and effectiveness of a 5-day course, in a flexible 3-day format. The idea is to allow valuable team members to train without taking time out of their critical work days. Educator Dr. Steven Else, CEO of EA Principals, created 3-day “boot camp” style classes that guarantee success on their associated certification exams. The classes are designed to be very flexible to working professionals. Oftentimes course materials and videos are made available well ahead of the class, to allow students to absorb the information at their leisure before the class even begins. Course materials and a recording (with slides) of the entire class are also often left available online for a period of time after the course ends. In some cases, people can participate in the first day of class online, while at work, and then attend the other 2 days in-person over the weekend. In other cases, the entire course is held online and will not require travel.

One of the most extreme examples of boot camp style courses is the 3-Day TOGAF level 1 and 2 certification course with guaranteed exam success.

That is a lot of professional prestige in a short amount of time. Options like this are hard to resist for both individuals and organizations alike. EA Principals is located in Alexandria, VA and is a veteran and innovator in the world of training providers.   


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