Dr. Steven Else
As one of the world’s foremost innovators, practitioners/consultants, lecturers, educators and trainers serving the Enterprise Architecture (EA) community, Dr. Steve Else has been a sought-after authority within the global business transformation community for nearly two decades.
As Founder and CEO of EA Principals, Inc. (EAP), Dr. Else is among the globe’s top TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) and ArchiMate trainers, having worked with thousands of professionals to help them learn and practice EA. He is also author of the book, Organization Theory and Transformation of Large, Complex Organizations.
Offering a wealth of practical and academic experience to his EA, Open FAIR, TOGAF 9, IT4IT, FEAF, DODAF, and ArchiMate 3 Certification Training, (having personally trained 6000+ professionals), Dr.Else is also a Certified Enterprise and Solutions Architect (BCS Professional Certifications), a Project Management Professional (PMP) and an FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA).
His clients have included the United Nations; national governments in the U.S. (training architects in numerous agencies), the U.A.E., Oman, and Portugal; and U.S. State governments in Pennsylvania, California, Colorado and Virginia; as well as such top tier corporations such as GE, HP, Oracle, IBM, American Express, Pfizer, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Lowes, BB&T, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Cap Gemini, Cisco, Harley-Davidson, MasterCard, Visa, Nokia, Rolls Royce, Pfizer, S.C. Johnson, Guggenheim Partners, Siemens, Boeing, Fannie Mae, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Also expert in Design Thinking, EA Modeling, and Mind Mapping, Dr. Else is committed to helping cross-pollinate best business and technology practices as well as innovation throughout the government and between government and private sector entities. 
Dr. Else has also served in key EA consulting/practitioner roles, including at BAE Systems, CSC, and Dynamics Research Corp. in the private sector; as well as the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Transportation, and Health & Human Services in the public sector.
Teaching Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Information Systems Engineering Management, and Systems Engineering at the graduate level, especially at the University of Denver, University College (where he has taught nearly 60 courses in EA) is a way that Dr. Else continues to contribute his expertise and insights. He has taught Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design, Technology Forecasting and Assessments, Knowledge Management, and IT Project and Change Management over several years.
As a passionate participant in the EA, IT, and Systems Engineering professional communities, Dr. Else is Founder and Chair of the Washington, D.C., Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects, Founder and Contributing Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal (http://eapj.org), and Associate Editor of the Journal of Enterprise Architecture.
Dr. Else is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot. Highlights of his career include serving as an Assistant Air Attaché in Paris, where he won a special medal for his work in the first Iraq War; receiving a high medal from the French and Brazilian governments; serving as an Air Force Liaison Officer in Germany; and his final Air Force assignment at the Pentagon, where he was Program Architect for Air Force business transformation, working in the Office of the Air Force Chief of Staff. Dr. Else piloted numerous aircraft. He began flying at the age of 16 and becoame an instructor pilot at 19. While an instructor pilot at the Aero Club at the Air Force Academy, he also, coincdentally,  used to fly with Sully Sullenberger. Dr. Else also holds an Airline Transport Rating in the Lear Jet and Boeing 717. As an Air Force pilot, he was an integral part of the mission that attempted to free the U.S. hostages held in Iran in 1979.
Dr. Else is married and lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


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