Have you ever been in a situation in which you had to make a decision that required you to take the interests of various stakeholders into consideration as well as different time perspectives? In this kind of situation, we often tend not to see the forest for the trees. It feels like doing one thing to achieve one goal, but this leads to not achieving another goal or addressing the concerns of one stakeholder seems to upset another stakeholder.
But how can you deal with these challenges in a professional manner? Here’s one excellent choice that you may not yet have heard of: with Parmenides Eidos. Parmenides Eidos is a framework that is based on more than 20 years of research in the field of cognitive sciences and neuroscience. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview into this powerful yet very affordable assistant for enhanced decision-making in complex contexts.
Research shows that the human brain is not well suited for dealing with complex challenges which require us to take multi-dimensional interdependencies that span across time and space into consideration. Unlike any other tool or methodology, Parmenides Eidos has been developed to enable us to help compensate for these limitations in human thinking.
Research conducted by the Parmenides Foundation has shown that Parmenides Eidos can increase one’s cognitive skills up to a factor of 10, thus enabling, for many who use it with expertise, to be much more efficient and effective thinkers – to become better Decision Architects.
By providing carefully selected tools which have been specifically designed to support our brain in processing and memorizing information, Parmenides Eidos enables you to set goals, analyze relevant interdependencies, develop plausible future scenarios that might have an impact on your decision, develop alternative options, and to evaluate different alternatives by e.g., taking goals, various plausible future scenarios into consideration, and different time horizons into consideration.

In short, Parmenides Eidos provides a great set of interrelated tools to help you understand strategies and options in a more comprehensive and visual way, thus enabling better decisions (when used in an optimum way by well-trained facilitators/consultants.
Possible fields of application are:
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Strategy development
  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
  • Innovation Management
  • Leadership Development
For more information, visit: https:// https://www.parmenides-eidos.com/eidos9/us/
Authored by Dr. Tobias Adam, The Parmenides Foundation, an EA Principals Partner


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