Outreach Message for More Participation in TOGAF's Architecture Forum and the TOGAF Certification Standing Committee Working Group
Whereas the Architecture Forum has approximately 700 members, only a small number of dedicated "TOGAFIANS" are actively involved in developing the next version of the TOGAF Standard. We encourage more people to engage with us in order to help shape not only the future of TOGAF but of Enterprise Architecture as well. The Certification Standing Committee  is a part of the Architecture Forum. Its mission is to help define the future of the certification program, especially as relates to the next version of TOGAF. 
We are not just seeking to ensure a complete and reasonable list of learning objectives for the Foundation and Practitioner-Level Certification exams. We are also striving to sharpen our understanding of expectations regarding the exams. Too often folks trained do not even bother to take the exam.  We want to turn things around and introduce new incentives for pursuing success on the exams, even if what you are mainly seeking are insights on how to apply TOGAF in your career and/or organization.
So with this message we are encouraging organizations who are members of the Architecture Forum to become more engaged with it and to also participate in the Certification Standing Committee, as we try to double the number of folks certified by the end of 2021 (there are already 100,000 certified in TOGAF 9).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us -- training@eaprincipals.com. By the way, for a nominal fee, we have another way for you to participate, even if you are not a member, and that would be by falling under the EA Principals umbrella. 


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