We are pleased to announce our highly anticipated move firmly into the agile architecture space with the launch of the SAFe® for Architects training course.
Why should individuals and companies move toward agile architecture, you may ask. Simply stated, it brings product focus, early and often business value delivery, the right quality and better collaboration while minimizing waste, firmly into view.  
In general, agile architecture builds upon, utilizes and complements all the existing architecture frameworks that you know and love, including TOGAF®.  And specifically, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) recognizes and clearly casts architects as Leaders not only within the technical space, but as leaders in the organizational transformation and continued operating model to achieve true Business Agility.  The Business landscape is changing drastically – over half of the Fortune 500 companies listed in 2000 are no longer there – achieving Business Agility is not only a good idea to survive, but to thrive.  As Dan often says, "Don't wait until you are obsolete to re-invent yourself.”   
Many architects can and/or would like to work across several domains and at various levels in an organization.  However, in many companies, architects have one domain assignment, and are mostly limited to that. Along the same lines as "Full-stack" thinking, SAFe unlocks the abilities of architects with its T-shaped and E-shaped skills concept, and therefore unleashes motivation [principle #8] for architects, while bringing many improvements to Business value delivery at the same time.  
Further, SAFe recognizes and clearly casts architects as Leaders not only within the organization, but as leaders in the transformation from traditional approaches to that of achieving true Business Agility.  Organizations benefit as there are fewer "walls of confusion", since the number of coordination points among multiple domains is significantly decreased. Architects are smart people, and SAFe puts in place a construct1 that leverages all their abilities, puts them more widely in-contact with many more of the key roles of SAFe and brings significant benefits to any org that uses this approach.
By Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructor.


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