EA Principals is delighted to launching a new series of Agile Business Architecture training courses providing you with the knowledge and understanding to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future successfully.
This course will allow you to become more customer-driven and more effective with your strategy execution using agile business architecture.  We have specific agile business architecture courses for the following industries:
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Entertainment
  • Government
Session 1 - Business Design and Strategies (Theory and Examples)
  • About Digital Transformation
  • Business Design & Strategy
  • About Business Architecture
  • Common Strategy Methodologies
Session 2- Architecting Transformation (Theory and Examples)                                                                                                                
  • Providing Customer-Driven Value
  • Business Capability Alignments
  • Information Concept Alignments
  • About Business Capabilities
Session 3- Architecting Transformation (Theory and Examples)
  • Product Architecture
  • Business Capabilities Assessment
  • Capability and Application Alignment
  • Capability Gap Analysis
Session 4- Project Planning & Agile Delivery (Theory and Examples)
  • Initiatives, Projects, and Business Outcomes
  • Project and Scenario Elaboration and Selection
  • Scenario Elaboration and Selection Capability Gap Analysis
  • Agile Delivery Planning
Each session includes a slide deck of about 140 slides, with diagrams, videos, quizzes, and survey questions. Additionally, this course includes 3 examples of about 90 slides each. The first example is about a product launch; example two is about artificial intelligence; as for example three, it is about blockchain. This course also comes with a slide deck of over 250 detailed diagrams of one of our Industry-Based Business Architecture Framework.  These courses are will be delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on way live online, and will be recorded. Customized online or on-premises corporate courses are also offered on request. Please check on our new course schedule:


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