EA Principals has developed two methods to help architects better leverage ArchiMate®. One uses the element names from the Motivation Aspect and two layers: Strategy and Implementation and Migration in a Mind Map for scoping architecture work. Here is a link to a sample Mind Map done with the free, Cloud-based MindMeister tool. 
The other one leverages an ArchiMate notation shorthand that EA Principals has developed to facilitate using ArchiMate without a tool on a whiteboard or flip chart. Our goal is to increase the knowledge and use of ArchiMate for accelerated and enhanced architecture planning, especially with the TOGAF® Architecture Development Methodology (ADM) -- in particular for Phase A (Architecture Vision). Here is a link to our suggested way to clearly and quickly annotate ArchiMate elements
Whether you use our suggestions or come up with your own, we think you can benefit from Mind Mapping and an ArchiMate shorthand. You can view more on our ArchiMate training course here


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