Knowing how and where to start a business transformation process can be quite daunting. To better understand the context and drivers to start their transformation process, the following questions are very typical:
  • How are external forces – social, regulatory, macroeconomic, etc. – shaping my business?
  • What experience do my customers expect? How well am I meeting those expectations?
  • Where are the major sources of risk in my business? How are they monitored and mitigated?
  • How am I harnessing and expanding the knowledge of our staff?
  • What major strategies are having trouble gaining traction?
With a better understanding of such drivers, one can begin mapping an execution strategy that includes identifying areas ripe for automation, simplification, oversight, and more. Using such insights, one is in a better situation to set quantifiable goals and outcomes to develop a transformation plan, one that synchronizes efforts across their organization, tracks benefits and progress, and identifies additional opportunities for a successful business process transformation.
Our tool to enable all of the above is  BusinessOptix, which has been shown in many demanding and complex contexts, including for supporting scientific research, provides a unique and powerful digital acceleration and business transformation hub. This is because, not only does it offer  insights into business processes, but it also supercharges innovation and optimizes outcomes across even the largest of enterprises. Business Optix includes discovery, analysis, design, delivery, optimization, and control features that can greatly  enhance customer interactions, increase employee engagement, and improve key business results -- all on one single platform. Some users refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of business process management tools and for good reason. It is not the simplest of such tools because of all the expanded features it includes, but, if interested in learning more on this rapidly evolving platform, one can investigate its uniqueness and potential enterprise value by visiting
Authored by Denise Taylor from Business Optix, an EA Principals Partner


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