At Gartner’s recent Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference, the theme of the kickoff keynote was: “Accelerating Your Growth in a New Era of Transformation.” Aligned with an earlier theme of continuous transformation at a fairly recent Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo of continuous transformation, CIOs are expecting modern EA to become much more agile. In tune with this, Allied Market Research has a report on its site called: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026, which is on the Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Market. In the report, it notes that “The global enterprise agile transformation services market size was valued at $15,443.51 million in 2018, and [is] projected to reach $63,828.07 million by 2026”.
EA Principals is moving aggressively to refashion some of its offerings to meet the demand for help in creating agile transformation across enterprises. This includes customized case studies and scenarios for even our private TOGAF, ArchiMate, and Business Architecture, and FEA certification courses. We will also be a provider of the new Open Group standard on the Open, Agile, Architecture Framework (OOAF) and already offer SAFe certifications as well.
About 3 years ago, Gartner had a theme of “The Power of AND” for its IT Symposium/Xpo, and this applies as well to the needed synergy between, for example, TOGAF and SAFe, whereby TOGAF would adjust to be able to connect with an agile methodology at scale, while enriching SAFe with more enterprise-wide governance and visualization, the latter which could be done leveraging the ArchiMate EA modeling language.
In a recent interview with the Chairman of the MID EA /MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) modeling company in Switzerland/Germany (, Christoph Bergner, Christoph expressed that EA has fundamentally changed in the last 5 years. It has evolved  from where just a small number of people in even a large organization were doing casewise kind of modeling with heavy duty EA tools featuring huge functionality but large configuration and training investments. This was more appropriate to a waterfall kind of requirements support of the Program Management Offices, but that whole environment has changed to an agile-centric environment marked by the need for continuous transformation.
To achieve continuous transformation, Christoph noted that, for one thing, very lightweight support for ubiquitous participation in business process management across the whole enterprise is now his vision. Attuned with this, he recently was asked to submit a proposal to one company for approximately 40,000 licenses of his bpanda software tool, which is Cloud-based and ultra-user friendly for capturing, sharing, and managing an organization’s business processes in a systematic and robust way.
The bpanda offering (the name standing for business processes and architecture) is also soon rolling out what he sees as the second ingredient for such transformation with EA . It is an Enterprise Architecture Management or EAM capability that allows for intuitive and rapid, yet inexpensive and comprehensive, way to manage information about the layers of an enterprise’s architecture. He alluded to the approach the EA modeling company LeanIX is using with its popular software: make the EA information something created, available to, and managed by the entire enterprise, not just a small team of power EA modelers.
The third pillar of continuous transformation, according to Christoph, is that EA be increasingly data-driven. As of now, there is no simple solution to this challenge, which must be addressed incrementally to mature and ultimately reach its potential value, blended with the business process and EA management features embedded throughout an enterprise.
In conclusion, EA Principals is now working on multiple fronts to help synchronize and harmonize building blocks from various frameworks, tools, and techniques for a comprehensive set of tailorable documentation and toolkits to serve this rapidly expanding, high demand need in the marketplace.
Authored by Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructors


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