An enterprise architecture framework defines how to create and use an enterprise architecture. An enterprise architecture framework provides principles and practices for creating, evolving and enhancing the architecture of an organization. The most common and well-regarded EA Framework is The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®). To view more on our globally renowned TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 and Level 2 training course, click here
TOGAF® provides a detailed method and a set of supporting enterprise architecture tools for developing an enterprise architecture. One of the main reasons for developing an Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF® is to support the business by aligning your technology and IT strategy with that of the business. 
Using Enterprise Architecture as Strategy helps organizations make tough decisions about which processes and functions must be executed well, then implementing the IT systems needed to streamline and enhance (and often digitize) those processes. When it comes to executing your strategy in today’s world, your enterprise architecture may matter just as much as the strategy itself.
With an effective enterprise architecture, you can improve business agility, achieve higher profitability, reduce time to market for new products, lower IT costs, improve access to shared customer data and lower the risk of mission-critical systems failures. Effective Enterprise architecture as strategy will often mean that your enterprise architecture is addressing two key challenges: 1) integration across business units and functions and 2) standardization across the company. An Enterprise Architecture Example can be viewed here
The team at EA Principals has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and examples of effective Enterprise Architecture. Please contact us further in you would like to know anything further. 


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