Enterprise Architecture Certification - Opening up a world of possibilities
The pressure is increasing at a rapid rate for organizations to increase agility and reduce costs. It is therefore imperative that organizations transform their IT function, so it can better deliver on the organization’s strategic priorities and achieve the objective of functioning in an agile, customer-centric manner. With today’s competitive landscape, the pressure to align and evolve organizations at a faster rate is skyrocketing. This means that Enterprise Architects are in high demand, especially those with an industry acknowledged EA Certification. 
Capitalize on the current industry environment by obtaining an Enterprise Architecture Certification. Obtaining an Enterprise Architect Certification is the best way to validate your EA skills and knowledge, and secure that next big promotion or new job opportunity. For professionals looking to advance their Enterprise Architecture careers, we recommend The Open Group’s standards and certifications, in particular the TOGAF Architect Certification program.
The TOGAF (which stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework) standard for enterprise architecture is popular among leading enterprise-level organizations. Currently, TOGAF serves as the architecture framework of choice for more than 80 percent of global enterprises. 
Obtaining a TOGAF Enterprise Architect Certification has many benefits including;
  • Enhanced Skill Set
  • Global Validation of your Skills, Knowledge and Capabilities
  • Career Progression Opportunities
  • Increasing Earning Potential 
  • Increasing Employment Opportunities
EA Principals TOGAF 9.2 Architect Certification Training Course is accredited by The Open Group and globally renowned as one of the best TOGAF training courses in the industry.  Our TOGAF EA Certification course covers the entire syllabus for the TOGAF® 9 Foundation (Level 1) and Certified (Level 2) levels, preparing you for the TOGAF® 9.2 Foundation (level 1) and Certified (level 2) examinations. After completing our training you will be armed to implement architecture frameworks and methods to deliver target architectures and associated business outcomes with minimal organizational disruption.
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