I urge you to pursue the new Business Architecture Credential now offered by EA Principals (accredited by The Open Group). I'm co-author of the Study Guide that is included in EA Principals offering of the 2-day course. If you are already TOGAF trained (perhaps even certified at either Level 1 and/or Level 2), this is still something you should pursue for yourself and your colleagues.
If you have never even heard of TOGAF, it is still a great course and one we think, if taught well (i.e., taught by EA Principals) would be a wonderful way to get Business/System Analysts and Project Managers oriented to a rapidly maturing and highly endorsed part of Enterprise Architecture -- Business Architecture. What a wonderful way in just 2 days to better grasp what it means to think like an architect from a business perspective, as well as how to do some important artifacts/visuals to communicate target Business Architectures and the value of the transformative effort!
I have trained large groups of Business Analysts in full TOGAF in the past. Honestly, I think this would have been the better way to go had it been available earlier. What has held a lot of people from getting TOGAF trained has been its well-deserved reputation for being so full of information -- a semester's worth of learning in 4 days! Two days for just Business Architecture would be two days well invested, even if you need to attend online due to travel, time, or other restrictions -- the online offering will still be great!
Click here to find out more on our Applied Business Architecture training course. 
Written by Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructor


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