In its unrelenting commitment to continuous training for  the past 10 years, EA Principals has surpassed the 5000 student mark in its Enterprise Architecture training and education courses (not counting e-learning). Recent testimonials have been fantastic. During the past year, EA Principals had addressed a huge resurgence of interest in Enterprise Architecture, especially in gaining knowledge on how to rapidly tailor TOGAF for use in different industries and types and sizes of organizations.

This is a specialty of EA Principals. We can rapidly create templates for quick-starting, customized TOGAF courses that can show value within 6 months. EA Principals, in this vein, combines elements of Design Thinking to enhance the customization of generic TOGAF guidance with proven practices for rapid value added via correctly targeted steps focused on aggressively increasing an organization's Knowledge, Skills, and Maturity (KSM), whether to set up the team, deliverable initial work products, or to select the right tool or set of tools based on their near terms EA capability and how to advance to more sophisticated tools as their KSM improves.

Besides the above, here are some new announcements: We not only continue to refine our excellent courses on TOGAF and ArchiMate, but we now teach an Advanced Applied Architecture course with extensive case studies and workbooks on how to build Business Scenarios in the areas of Healthcare, Financial Services, and Government with ArchiMate and BPMN. These courses include basic training on leveraging Archi, Signavio, Innovator and for EA scenarios.

In addition,

  • As with ArchiMate when it first came out, we were one of the very first accredited courses for the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture (EA for IT).
  • We have also rolled out our Certified Solution Architect Course (Avancier Method).
  • Our Certified Government Architect course is extremely popular. (private courses only).
  • We have also launched a Certified Cybersecurity Architect course, the first to link TOGAF to Cybersecurity training.

EA Principals, Inc., Gold Member of The Open Group, provides essential Enterprise Architecture leadership globally across all verticals, serving some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.


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