Top-down support is essential for Enterprise Architecture programs to be able to get the foundational Knowledge, Skills, and Maturity (KSM) to build a valued and sustainable EA program. Major organizations globally are finally starting to invest in EA programs but, too often, the leadership doesn't fully grasp what they are investing in and what they can expect from such programs. 
Having senior leadership on board from the start is critical to be able to govern the EA-related investments which should be predominantly on KSM for the first few months. EA is mainly about supporting better-informed decisions faster and more reliably about building blocks of capability. Of course, senior leadership needs to ensure that the overall EA initiative is properly scoped in terms of focus and resources. 
Such oversight is greatly enabled if leadership is oriented on how, in fact, even a nascent EA capability will help chart a course to demonstrably better capability management overall, with the inclusion of EA dashboards as a base to launch, steer, and refine the evolving EA capability.
EA Principal's Executive Workshop will help set the stage for overall EA understanding and how frameworks, modeling languages, and tools can be integrated most effectively for the enhanced prioritization, scoping and oversight of transformation initiatives. EA programs should be established with an emphasis on their Return on Value/Investment in a reasonable time frame. 
The Executive Workshop will help lay out how this can be done and build the foundation for an EA investment that will be well-designed for greater efficiency and innovation through a more integrated and transparent approach to meet the challenges of rapid business and technological changes.
We have run customized one day Executive Workshops in Enterprise Architecture for management / non-architect teams in many large organizations. We can conduct the workshop onsite or online at your time preference.
Please contact us for further information or for a complimentary consultation regarding this course and your specific requirements. 
by Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructor


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