Daniel Lambert, M.Sc.
Daniel Lambert, M.Sc., is a business strategist assisting companies in their growth, reorganization, agile business architecture, and digital transformation. He has worked in the past with organizations in a broad array of industries: pharmaceuticals, utilities, transportation, computer software, healthcare, financial services, insurance companies, telecom, and the public sector.

Mr. Lambert currently provides for EA Principals public or private customer-driven agile business architecture courses in various industries, including entertainment, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecom, transportation, and utilities. He will also provide soon the following additional courses: a) agile business architecture and the cloud, b) agile data architecture, c) business architecture and merger and acquisitions, and d) agile business architecture and cyber security.

In collaboration with EA Principals, Mr. Lambert also offers consulting services including a) design and assessment of customer-driven capability maps, b) application/systems alignment to business capabilities, c)  capability-based application portfolio rationalization, d) product/service architecture, e) roadmap elaboration, f) capability-based initiative/project prioritization, and g) business architecture practice valuation.

Mr. Lambert recently wrote a book entitled “Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully” available on Amazon. He has over 28,000 followers on LinkedIn.


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