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The Customer-Centric Architecture Method Digital Book

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The Customer-Centric Architecture Method (CCAM) is a breakthrough in Enterprise & Solution Architecture (E&SA) by one of the world's leading evangelists of using architecture frameworks and modeling to help mature and radically extend the still young and often misunderstood Enterprise Architecture (EA) discipline. For one thing, it is important, according to the book's author, Dr. Steve Else, to not only blend Enterprise Architecture with Solution Architecture for a mature EA practice valued for top business and technology leadership, but to also integrate it, especially on large, complex, and high value transformation investments. For such initiatives, the following roles, among others, must be much more tightly collaborative and engaged with architecture through mature workflows. Strategic planning, design thinking, business analysis, budgeting, implementation managers (procurement, portfolio/program/project),engineers, operations, maintenance, and innovation roles, among others, must be more of a team supporting enterprise-wide and even line-of-business or regional segments.CCAM depends on the TOGAF® Standard as the general canvas for a much more elaborate method that serves as a rich and visual integration framework focused on high value to key stakeholders as the main criteria for success.Dr. Else is certified in numerous architecture frameworks, the Founder and CEO of EA Principals and the Founder of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, and highly sought after globally for his practitioner's mindset and communication skills to help some of the world's largest organizations establish and mature their architecture practices.


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