EA Principals plays a major role globally in its advocacy that all architects, engineers, and program/project managers, along with MBA and ICT graduate students learn ArchiMate and begin applying it, initially through the free tools of Archi (which allows for modeling vice just diagramming), but also Visio stencils if you use Visio, and draw.io for a free, Cloud-based, Visio-like option. ArchiMate is very easy and quick to learn -- it only takes 3-4 days, yet it is comprehensive in that it allows for describing both the IT world and the physical world as well, such as is appropriate for manufacturing, construction, supply chains, hospitals, utilities, and Smart Cities, among many other things. 
No one to whom I have taught ArchiMate (and that is hundreds of folks around the world) has regretted learning it for even a moment and in fact it has often served as a major catalyst for a more standardized way to talk about transformation, even across companies with a global footprint. It is especially well-aligned to Capability-Based Planning and Value Realization, both in tune with the increasing emphasis on Business Architecture as the major pillar that makes Enterprise Architecture  (EA) more than IT Architecture and we do want to see EA blossom! In addition, we are seeing more and more where IT and operational technology (OT) are converging and ArchiMate is great for that. Without taking the step to master ArchiMate, far too many people stay, sadly, at a very immature level in terms of describing basic architecture building blocks and how to make choices about them as we move with greater velocity in the Digital Era.
On this note, at the most recent Gartner IT Symposim/Xpo in Orlando in October 2019, the theme of "The Power of AND" was introduced. Well, the power of a method such as the TOGAF Architecture Method AND ArchiMate is formidable for rapidly equipping even emerging EA practices to pivot to greater value with more "kick" as they accelerate through the turns coming our way in a disruptive world full of new opportunities But we need to better understand gaps and opportunities first and the combination of TOGAF and ArchiMate is awesome, if taught by the right instructors who understand agility, flexibility, and velocity. We think that EA Principals has those instructors and we strongly encourage combined TOGAF/ArchiMate courses that can be tailored for private classes and completed in 5 days, making such an offering one of the best choices architects and engineers can make for investing those 40 hours. We also offer public classes -- maybe not in your town but such a class is worth traveling for.
In addition, we have a robust hybrid approach where we can teach students online and in class concurrently. The past several classes we have done, even these difficult to deliver hybrid ones, have leds to enthusiastic feedback of "Awesome class,", "the best training of this sort I have ever had", and the like. I caution you, though, that your choice of trainer (and coach) is critically important because the biggest investments you make for such "bootcamp" kind of training is your time and attention. Choose the best. Choose EA Principals.
by Dr. Steve Else, Chief Architect & Principal Instructor 


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