Dr. Steve Else has taught over 60 graduate courses on Enterprise Architecture and has advised that this paper by Allison Adolphson is one of the best projects an EA student has ever created for his Introduction to EA course at the University of Denver, University College.
Enterprise Architecture at Jurassic Park
In this highly original and creative paper, Allison Adolphson uses the lens of Enterprise Architecture to look at the problems that beset the original Jurassic Park facility in the seminal 1993 movie of the same name. In understanding the circumstances that unfolded throughout that movie, Allison identifies key areas of change needed to ensure that future operations don’t fall prey (pun intended) to the same issues. This not only identifies areas of technological challenge but business operations, strategic alignment and more.
A highly recommended and entertaining read. 
Read the full paper here. 
This article is published on The Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal and was created by Allison Adolphson.


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