One of the best opportunities for Enterprise Architects (EAs) to show value with transformation initiatives is via help on scoping the work. By combining what TOGAF® prescribes for its Phase A (Architecture Vision) with key elements from ArchiMate®'s content metamodel, one can take a reusable approach to help align possible Courses of Action (choices for scope) with the goals and valued outcomes that the stakeholders desire. But along with that, one can also align the EA Capability with the Courses of Action -- or possibly determine what additional resources EA needs to help pursue a Course of Action. In addition, using ArchiMate®'s Implementation and Migration layer, one can, per TOGAF® derive a projected roadmap and schedule for the scoped effort. TOGAF® recommends doing a Business Scenario to help create an Architecture Vision (scope), and EA Principals has created a Mind Map of a way to do this using ArchiMate®, which means it would be easy to create models to help with the analysis and communication. The Mind Map uses only elements from ArchiMate®'s Motivation Aspect/Perspective and its Strategy and Implementation & Migration layers so that scoping can be the priority before diving into work at the core architecture layers. Please see the applicable Business Scenario Template, available for download below.
-by Principal Trainer, Chief Architect, CEO Dr. Steven Else 
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