The Business Architecture discipline and practice has moved well beyond the early growth years and is now being practiced and leveraged worldwide across a wide range of industries and organizations. Business Architecture reveals how an organization is structured and can clearly demonstrate how elements such as capabilities, processes, organization structure and information fit together. Any business, from an entrepreneurial start-up to the largest corporations in the world, can benefit from Business Architecture. 
There is a growing need for talented Business Architects who can reduce complexity, establish solid business processes and ensure that technology is used consistently across business units and functional areas. One of the best ways to become a Business Architect is to attend a reputable Business Architecture Courses. Business Architecture Training Courses delivered by EA Principals are one of the best ways to enhance and validate your knowledge in the Business Architecture practice. You can view our full course range here
With decades of expertise in supporting enterprise architecture best-practice through training and consulting to organizations, EA Principals can deliver business architecture training courses that enable and enhance a wide range of business-driven goals and initiatives for your organization. 
EA Principals’ Business Architecture Course is titled “Business Transformation Architecture Certification Program” and is comprehensive and designed to be practical and for immediate use at work. This business architect course is created by a team of expert practitioners of the business architecture discipline with decades of combined experience between them.
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