Professional certification is renowned and even expected in many industries across the globe, including Business Architecture. 
For those in the industry, Business Architect Qualifications are becoming more and more important as a way to gauge relevant knowledge and skills in order to make the right hires. For future and current employees, it's a way to keep up with technologies and trends in order to stay relevant. A Business Architecture Qualification is known to help establish and enhance the career of a professional along with increasing their prospects and opening them up to a wealth of new opportunities. Obtaining a reputable Business Architect Qualification is one of the of the most effective ways to progress in your career. 
EA Principals’ Business Architecture Qualification Training course is comprehensive and designed to be practical and for immediate use at work. This course is created by a team of expert practitioners of business architecture with decades of combined experience.
The Business Architecture Certification course is certified by EA Principals and focuses on giving students an understanding of a wide range of methods and techniques required for developing & succeeding in the business architecture domain. The training is facilitated by one of our practitioner consultants who have extensive experience in and knowledge of the essential techniques and methods, along with numerous real-world examples to share.
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