There are two levels of ArchiMate® 3 certification, denoted Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 is a superset of Level 1 as it contains all the learning requirements for Level 1.

Certification to Level 1 is known as ArchiMate 3 Foundation. Certification to Level 2 is known as ArchiMate 3 Practitioner.

There is one exam for level 1 and one exam for level 2 (available at Pearson Vue Testing Centers). There is no combined exam for both level 1&2 in one sitting. EA Principals includes the proper exam voucher(s) in the cost of our ArchiMate® 3 courses. There is a special bridge exam (available at Pearson Vue Testing Centers) and a bridge course available to people who are already ArchiMate® 2 certified to become ArchiMate® 3 certified.

The paths to certification are shown in the following diagram:


The paths to certification include a path for Candidates who have previously attained ArchiMate 2 Certified.

We have ArchiMate® 3 courses for each of the certification paths:

ArchiMate® 3 Training Course: Foundation (Level 1)

ArchiMate® 3 Training Course: Practitioner (Level 2) 

ArchiMate® 3 Training Course: Combined Level 1 and Level 2

ArchiMate® 2 - 3 Advanced Bridge Training Course



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