Having taught TOGAF and other EA frameworks for 15 years, I urge enterprise, business, application/IT, infrastructure, security, DevOps, and disaster/business continuity architects, along with business analysts, to become TOGAF Certified (not just TOGAF trained). Becoming certified helps assure basic mastery of the sweeping concepts and architecture language building blocks. Training for certification with the right company is also key. Some of the most used TOGAF trainers are not architecture specialists, but just large, India-based companies with pervasive marketing departments and budgets (such as for Google ads). They may even use TOGAF training as a loss leader for onboarding new customers for their potpourri of training courses, such as for project management.
Often they lock in enough people for a TOGAF class and only then search on LinkedIn for someone to conduct the boilerplate TOGAF training that meets the minimum technical requirements for certification training (usually meaning that often unskilled trainers just cover the required learning objectives through reading about 1500 slides). Those attending such courses don’t have a clue what they are missing since this becomes their single exposure to TOGAF and, in effect, to EA. This greatly hurts the EA community.
EA Principals is a specialist in architecture training, committed to help delegates grasp the key learning building blocks, succeed in their certification stage with confidence, and build an appetite to use TOGAF in their current and prospective jobs. In other words, not all TOGAF-trainers are equal, so buyer beware.
Because of EA Principals’ success in training thousands of delegates who subsequently got certified, we know there is a hunger for a forum with other TOGAF students trained by EA Principals. Therefore, we have set up a new platform for more expansive, broader and deeper EA training, including on other EA- related frameworks. This new platform is set up as a graduate-level type course on EA that leads over a period of 12 weeks of readings and online discussions, recorded and live engagement with the instructor, and ultimately to advanced practicum submissions shared across the class, demonstrating how ready each student is to apply EA professionally.
Those successfully completing the 12-week course will be rewarded with an EA Principals Certification in Advanced Enterprise Architecture (AEA Certified). The course is ready to be run but we need enough time to get out the word and gain critical mass to launch it. Therefore, the targeted start date is early October and the price, which includes all reading materials and vouchers for 2 proctored exams based on material covered in the class, is only $1995. It will include both method and modeling training, so delegates completing the program will be well-rounded and truly ready to tackle even the most complex transformations with a well-rounded way with free reach back to EA Principals for up to 5 hours of free consulting, if used within 90 days of the end of the course, along with the use of the EA Principals EA Accelerator App for 90 days at a nominal price to cover basic support during that time frame.
Please contact training@eaprincipals.com for more information about this outstanding and unique opportunity.


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