We have developed this course based on experience having taught something similar for over 1000 graduate school students in approximately 50 different iterations of the course over the past dozen years. 
The course includes an overview of a variety of EA frameworks and methods, modeling, and use cases, all linked to weekly videos, discussion groups, and a one hour (optional, but recorded) lecture and Q&A session each week. It also includes all required texts, and enough background in digital architecture thinking to be able to take an optional certification exam on this topic from The Open Group after this course. There will be a required project and exams in the course to ensure frequent opportunities to assess progress and ensure enhanced maturity in the entire EA space. 
The course has been developed based on customer demand received after more intense EA training and linked to high praise for the academic version of this offering. All students completing the course with a "B" or above (80% score or above) will receive an EA Certification from EA Principals and a 25% discount for any of EA Principals's other course offerings, including for Open Group and SAFe Certification and Credentialing courses.
The class will run as long as there is a minimum of 10 registered students, but the size of the class could be much larger, if the interest is there. It will be a unique opportunity for wide-ranging and deep knowledge transfer and the shared material will evolve during the duration of the course.
More information on this could will be available starting mid April 2020.
To express interest and obtain more information, please contact class@EAPrincipals.com.


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